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This website about online practicing the times and division tables, addition and subtraction till 100 is structured according to the concept of adaptive training.

In a nutshell. This website has arranged the exercises in groups from easy to difficult. You can choose the group you want to start with. The website will generate exercises according to the group you have chosen. It will also remember you answers and give you easier exercises if you make many mistakes. When you don't have problems with the exercises the website will generate exercises that are more difficult.

To fully understand this website read our INSTRUCTIONS page.

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This website help learning the multiplication tables. You wont find the multiplication table 11 and the multiplication table 12. This adaptive math websites makes is easier for kids to practice a multiplication table. It much more fun than multiplication table worksheets.

This automatic math website will quickly skip the easy times tables exercises exercises without the need of a multiplication table chart.

This website is the only multiplication table website that uses an adaptive training.

When children are learning a multiplication table it is important that they have fun. With our adaptive training kids always exercise at the right level. So they enjoy math.

At our sudoku website you can find a sudoku with multiplication table exercises.


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